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LeXeR 08.12.2008 20:39

FIFA Manager | Football Manager
Do you like such "manager" games?
which one is the best?
are you fond of tactics?
what the hell's happening? :D

Dao 08.12.2008 20:47

My favorite 4-6-0 since it expresses all the patterns i want my boyz to play. We don't have any real attacker to be marked but satellites moving a bit broader with high creativity and speed. It could make the tactic and the team movement as well become more unpredictable ) haaa.. football manager

No_Fate 08.12.2008 20:51

Andrew's obviously kinda bored today :)

Stasoffski 08.12.2008 20:56

I suppose, Football Manager is much better and more realistic. But only a year before I thought differently, cause FIFAM is easier as in tactics so in the whole gameplay. But it has really beautiful design, and it's better for the begginer because of its simplicity)

Dao 08.12.2008 21:03

FIFA Manager appears to be all looks and glamour with no real substance which is most important in this kind of game.

Mikkie 08.12.2008 21:46

Wow, I'm shocked to see moderator starting the holywar. :)

LeXeR 09.12.2008 22:30


Сообщение от No_Fate (Сообщение 621584)
Andrew's obviously kinda bored today :)

yep :)

Danny79 24.04.2011 00:08

Can help me with Fifa Manager 11 support added in fifafs?

I need this tools for my patch for Fifa Manager 11.

Thank you.

Jameswek 19.03.2019 12:17

I have found the answer to your question in google.com


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