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TCM 2005 Update 1.1

Special edition of official EA TCM update 1.1. The only difference is bulletproof installationthis rebuilded update will install on Total Club Manager in any condition (any language, patched or not). Also, our update is smaller.

Fixes list:
1) Improved realism of Instant Results.
2) Fixed user being able to acquire 3 loaned players from Premiership Clubs.
3) Fixed Managing Director not being able to successfully negotiates transfer deals.
4) Fixed corrupt text in the news message «Staff Members return».
5) Fixed Philippe Mexes of A. S. Roma starts the 04/05 season with a 6-match suspension (it has been temporarily cancelled in reality).
6) Fixed user still failing the objective at season end even when completing it properly.
7) Fixed a club in Lithuania having a "?" at the end of its name.
8) Fixed crash when building a large stadium and entering a 3D mode.
9) Fixed the crash after addition of new manager.
10) Fixed the URL on the ’Upload ’ button.
11) Fixed the crash at First Matchday after watching the credits and loading a saved game.
12) Fixed the bug where a player gets red carded, and substituting him quickly will avoid playing with 10 men.
13) Improved kit clashing.
14) Fixed the bug where corners can be shot directly on goal.
15) Fixed extra time bug in Fusion.
16) Fixed Real Madrid having ’Black’ player names and numbers over a ’Black’ background.
17) Improved accuracy levels of National Teams.
18) Fixed the bug where wingers and full backs swap positions when GK is substituted.
19) Fixed the bug where there were too many bids for user’s players in lower divisons.
20) Removed release clauses from player managed teams at game start.
21) Improved lower-level players showing up on team roster at the beginning of each year.
22) Made the CPU more active on the Transfer Market.
23) Improved CPU out-of-position substitutions.
24) Improved the accuracy of reserve squads for top teams including generated players.
25) Fixed the «Finish» as opposed to «Retire» bug in Player Talks.
26) Removed specific morale adjustments being mentioned in some player talk responses.

Release date: 8.12.2004

Author: EA Sports / Mania Software

Size: 10742 Kb

Downloaded: 6692


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