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FIFA 2004

fifaFS v.4.8

fifaFS gfxpak, impbig, FATBHBuilder, etc killer. Revolutionary console tool for dealing with 2006 FIFA World Cup, FIFA 06, FIFA Manager 06, FIFA 2005, UEFA 2005, TCM 2005 file systems (zdata_xx.big, zdata_xx.bh, fifa.fat) and just ordinary big files. High productivity and speed.
fifaFS is the only program now that regenerates FAT correctly and works correctly with .big files. It might restore your FAT if it was corrupted by other programs (like CC 2005 or FATBHBuilder).
adds files into zdata_xx.big's and ordinary big's
replaces files
extracts files
deletes files
automatically corrects FSH files' hashes
automatically rebuilds fifa.fat and zdata_xx.bh
works from command line
understands file masks (like *.fsh)
compresses files and works with compressed big's
fetches and writes values to registry (so you can determine FIFA installation folder)
works from scriptsyou can replace hundreads of files at one execution time
has predefined variables with games' installation folders which you may use from command line
decompiles and compiles FIFA file system (extracting all files from zdata_xx.big's and making new zdata_xx.big's from all files in specified folder)
fixes fifa.fat and zdata_xx.bh in specified location
creates new big-files
rebuilds big-files
has improved scripting facilities: if clauses, includes, automatic saves backuping, folder creating and removing, etc
A lot of examples included with the program. ...

Author: Mania Software [3.05.2006]

  82 Kb 17793

FIFA 06 Music Changer 1.1

FIFA 06 Music Changer is the most powerfull and sophisticated software to deal with FIFA 06 playlist. Bring your favorite music to FIFA. You can modify playlist in any way you want - add, replace or delete FIFA tracks.

Main features in brief:

import WAV, MP3 files to FIFA format (.sng)

export FIFA music files to MP3 format

grab Audio CD songs into FIFA playlist

WinAmp intergration - automatically imports selected files from your WinAmp playlist

Windows Explorer intergration - add MP3, WAV, CDA files by right clicking them

FIFA tracks and MP3\WAV\CDA files playback in FIFA 06 Music Changer

Ability to change tracks order in playlist. Or place tracks in random order

MP3 tags support - transfers tags' info to FIFA song description

multilanguage interface (about 10 languages)

Version 1.1 changes:

fixed start-up freezing (on CD-ROM selection)

fixed empty FIFA playlist bug

added changing FIFA tracks order

added shuffling FIFA playlist


Author: Mania Software [10.11.2005]

  1706 Kb 34199

FIFA 06 Patch 1

This patch can be applied to all versions of the game but the French version of the game and addresses the following issues:

USB keyboard incompatibility

Saitek P2500 gamepad controller recognition

PC controller Save Configuration ...

Author: EA Sports [14.10.2005]

  5977 Kb 7515

FIFA 06: RTWC Gameplay trailer

2 mins of playing FIFA 06 on XBox. ...

Author: GameTrailers.com [12.10.2005]

  15430 Kb 2967

FIFA 06: RTWC Trailer (XBox 360)

Minute clip showing all the beauties of console version. However something familiar like 3-year-old 3D-engine peeps out from the next-gen gloss... ...

Author: EA Sports [12.10.2005]

  7617 Kb 2247

FIFA 06 Cheat Machine

The utility for real fair play lovers. Working during gameplay without modifying any of FIFA 06 files, this program able to change:

Current match score

Current half time (and you may freeze it)


Job security

Fan support

Fan shop points

Absolutely harmless program. Your FIFA 06 won't be ruined and you won't lost your career files.

There is a hotkey for each action you don't have to switch from the game. ...

Author: Mania Software [6.10.2005]

  54 Kb 12995

Lng Editor 2006

Useful text database editor supporting FIFA 06, FIFA/UEFA 2005, FIFA/EURO 2004.

Including nice features:

- find and replace strings

- export and import plain text files

- string filtering ...

Author: Mania Software [4.10.2005]

  225 Kb 6059

FIFA 06 Demo Time Machine

The first program in the wolrd able to change half-time in FIFA 06 DEMO during gameplay! And also freeze the time if you wish.

It is working while you playing the game without altering any files, so don't worry it won't rip your demo.

You can also download it in a kind of installation package [200 Kb]. ...

Author: Mania Software [5.09.2005]

  21 Kb 4170

FIFA 06 Demo Lite Edition

Our traditional light version of official FIFA 06 Demo. We cut off music files and reduced demo size in 6 times.

prescreens removed

resoluton set to 1024x768

linesman and referee enabled ...

Author: EA Sports / Mania Software [1.09.2005]

  34277 Kb 11476

FIFA 06 Demo


Author: EA Sports [31.08.2005]

  212891 Kb 5505

FIFA 06 XBox trailer

Fantastic motion picture of next-gen consoles. ...

Author: IGN.com [1.08.2005]

  5371 Kb 2681

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