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The lastest comings:

FIFA 11 Sponsors Kit Patch

This patch will remove regional sponsor ad restrictions from players' kits for residents of Germany, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Denmark, Holland, Russia, Brazil and Japan. Original kits will appear in match and in menu. ...

Author: Mania Software [5.10.2010]

  425 Kb 4815

fifaFS 5.3.10 alpha

fifaFS — tool for dealing with FIFA game series file systems (zdata_xx.big, zdata_xx.bh, fifa.fat) and just ordinary big files. High productivity and speed. From version 5 non-console exe and GUI progress bar added for better look in install packages.

fifaFS is the only program that regenerates FAT correctly and works correctly with .big files. It might restore your FAT if it was corrupted by other programs (like Creation Centre or FATBHBuilder).

FifaFS is ideal tool for professional patchmaker. ...

Author: Mania Software [22.09.2010]

  412 Kb 12465

FIFA 10 Sponsors Kit Patch

This patch will remove regional sponsor ad restrictions from players' kits. Original kits will appear in match and in menu. ...

Author: Mania Software [10.11.2009]

  267 Kb 4563

HUF Convertor 09

Console tool to unpack FIFA Manager 09 text database (translations.huf) into editable text file, and to pack it back. ...

Author: Mania Software [1.12.2008]

  153 Kb 2706

FIFA 09 Career Cheater

Program to patch your saved profile and career data. You can unlock all challenges, buy all fun shop items. In career, increase amount of money, fan support, job security and transfer attempts. ...

Author: Mania Software [21.10.2008]

  105 Kb 8443

FIFA 09 Music Changer

FIFA 09 Music Changer is the most powerful and sophisticated software to deal with FIFA 09 playlist.
Bring your favorite music to FIFA. You can modify playlist in any way you want - add, replace or delete FIFA tracks.
Main features in brief:
• import WAV, MP3 files to FIFA format (.sng)
• export FIFA music files to MP3 format (192 kbps)
• grab Audio CD songs into FIFA playlist
• WinAmp intergration - automatically imports selected files from your WinAmp playlist
• Windows Explorer intergration - add MP3, WAV, CDA files by right clicking them
• FIFA tracks and MP3\WAV\CDA files playback in FIFA 09 Music Changer
• Ability to change tracks order in playlist. Or place tracks in random order.
• MP3 tags support - transfers tags' info to FIFA song description
• multilanguage interface (about 10 languages)

Program supports formats:
• MP3
• CDA (audio CD)
• SNG (FIFA 09 music files)

Languages included: English, Russian, German, Dutch, Spanish, French, Korean, Romanian, Ukrainian, Belorussian and Uzbek language.

Attention: In the options you should set the CD-ROM drive that will be used for ripping Audio CD.

Author: Mania Software [4.10.2008]

  2048 Kb 20560

FIFA 09 Unlock Patch

FIFA 09 Unlock Patch will unlock season and tournament mode even if you don't have EA Account. This patch does not modifies executable file (or any file at all), so you won't lose ability to install official updates in the future. ...

Author: Mania Software [3.10.2008]

  206 Kb 11852

FIFA 09 Demo Resized Edition

Official FIFA 09 demo reduced in 4.5 times, leaving off about 600 MB of junk. ...

Author: EA Sports / Mania Software [15.09.2008]

  167621 Kb 3427

FIFA 09 Demo Keyboard Patch

This small automatic patch will install old FIFA 08 keymappings on FIFA 09 Demo. ...

Author: Mania Software [12.09.2008]

  94 Kb 6614

UEFA EURO 2008 Demo Repacked Edition 1.1

Seem to be ordinary UEFA EURO 2008 Demo from EA Sports... But look carefully - 460 megabytes are off! Without any loss of quality or functionality. ...

Author: EA Sports / Mania Software [28.03.2008]

  164679 Kb 4429

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