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Fifafs first tool to work with FIFA 11 files

//thegood 22.09 02:40

We've managed to reverse .bh file format and hashing algorithm of new next-gen FIFA 11. So the first tool to support FIFA 11 Demo is old-good Fifafs. Right now changes are minimal, just to allow hardcore patchmakers to get up and running with new FIFA. However more updates will follow, to make fifafs more friendly tool.  

We are going to share our knowledge with FIFA community and welcome others to share any useful info with us too :-)

You cant always get what you want

//eXigy 03.10 23:44

Fate has always been putting up obstacles in front of us. Aderby day coinciding with your girlfriendss mother arrival from world cruise or favourite TV series season premiere happening the very same Tuesday your friend has aparty what can you do when this happens?

Solution to any of those problems suffers badly from drawbacks. Really, how can one judge whether it is better to be still drunk at work the morning after or miss the new House M. D. episode? Miss aderby that happens once ayear or hear your girlfriend whining that you, yes you, aguy mad about football and various PC simulators, cant even spend afew moments of his miserable life with her beloved mother? And how one can make such important decisions in his life when he has to cope with one game not letting him finish what he started, full of eager and hope?

Fifasoccer.ru wont save your relationship and wont make you drunk while watching TV, freeing you from hangover the other day. However, it can remove afew obstacles that fate has put in your way in one of your favourite games. FIFA 09 Unlock Patch wont pick alock to your girlfriends heart, but will let you keep on doing season and tournament modes as long as you want even without EA account activated. Moreover, it doesnt suffer from hangover after patch and will let you freely install all the official updates. Combined with aweight of tiny 0.2 Mb, you get amust-have tool, so handy in the life full of parties and relatives arrivals.

You cant always get what you want. But if you click sometimes, you will find you get what you need. ;)

FIFA 09 Demo downsized

//Mania Software 15.09 02:27

As we said before, we have atradition here, in Russia, on fifasoccer.ru.

Every year (sometimes twice ayear) EA Sports releases ademo of FIFA Series game. Usually that demo is quite big, like 500, 600, 700 or even 800 MB. Then we take it and make some magic, reducing its size in 3, 4, 5or even 8times.

How we do it? We remove files which are not needed to play agame (keeping same graphics and details level like original demo).

Why we do it? There are some places on earth where internet connection and traffic costs big money, especially in Russia. Also connection can be very-very sloooow.

So the result is rebuilded FIFA 09 demo FIFA 09 Demo Resized Edition. It's only 164 MB now, reduced in about 4.5 times. Yes, reduced by about 600 MB. As abonus, we pulled up difficulty level and set control keys like they were in FIFA 08.

FIFA 09 Demo Keyboard Patch

//thegood 12.09 16:03

EA Sports made astrange decision to redefine control keys in FIFA 09 Demo.

Our decision now is to release small automatically installing patch (90Kb) that will return keyboard controls to FIFA 08 style.

FIFA 09 Demo Keyboard Patch download, run and in second you will get «A» as sliding tackle again, «E» as sprint, etc

FIFA 09 Demo is out today

//thegood 11.09 05:40

And new version of FifaFS tool is out 4hours later after we got demo. We marked it ALPHA release, because it's not tested very well. However, full FAT rebuilding produces the same fifa.fat as original one. That means, you can do changes to zdata files and FAT will be rebuilded correctly for 09 version. If you noticed any bugs, feel free to write to admin@fifasoccer.ru or even better to our feedback page.

Attention, default game type in fifafs is changed to fifa09demo.


FIFA 09 Demo is available here or here. Also, we've made some FIFA 09 Demo screenshots for those who don't like downloading without viewing first.

fifaFS raises its head again

//thegood 28.03 03:57

When another FIFA Series game is coming out, it's time to update fifafs tool. Luckily, fifafs based on solid framework developed in years (not .NET Framework of course, he-he ;)), so update takes about an hour.

So meet first tool for UEFA 08 fifafs 5.1.20 beta :)

P.S. Be aware: In EURO 08 Demo fifa.fat renamed to file.fat. Fifafs 5.1.20 is set to work with EURO 08 Demo by default. Thus, to apply 5.1.20 to older games, use «-gametype=xxx» option.

UEFA EURO 2008 Demo Repacked Edition

//Mania Software 28.03 01:41

In Russia we have tradition (on our web-site mostly). Every year EA Sports releases one or two demos of football simulator game and we take and «just remove everything that doesn't look like demo»

The result is usually comes as reducing demo in 2-3 times in size.

This time is not an exclusion  UEFA EURO 2008 Demo Repacked Edition that is only 160Mb

FAT-fix go in public

//thegood 17.02 20:09

The only possible solution to beat FAT limitation is (unfortunately) fixed fifa08.exe.

So here it is FIFA 08 unlimited FAT fix.

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